Terminal Progress Bars (progress)
Terminal progress bars. They are configurable, may include percentage, elapsed time, and/or the estimated completion time. They work in the command line, in Emacs, R Studio, Windows Rgui and Mac OSX R.app. The package also provides a C++ API, that works with or without Rcpp.

Application in R for Queueing Analysis and Simulation (arqas)
Provides functions for compute the main characteristics of the following queueing models: M/M/1, M/M/s, M/M/1/k, M/M/s/k, M/M/1/Inf/H, M/ M/s/Inf/H, M/M/s/Inf/H with Y replacements, M/M/Inf, Open Jackson Networks and Closed Jackson Networks. Moreover, it is also possible to simulate similar queueing models with any type of arrival or service distribution: G/ G/1, G/G/s, G/G/1/k, G/G/s/k, G/G/1/Inf/H, G/G/s/Inf/H, G/G/s/Inf/H with Y replacements, Open Networks and Closed Networks. Finally, contains functions for fit data to a statistic distribution.

Detecting of Outliers in Circular Regression (CircOutlier)
Detecting of outliers in circular-circular regression models, modifying its and estimating of models parameters.