Multi-Level Vector Autoregression (mlVAR)
Compute estimates of the multivariate vector autoregression model as used to (but not limited to) analyze experience sampling method data in clinical psychology. The model can be extended through treatment effects, covariates and pre- and post-assessment effects.

Color Palettes Generator (ColorPalette)
Different methods to generate a color palette based on a specified base color and a number of colors that should be created.

Stochastic Mortality Modelling (StMoMo)
Implementation of the family of generalised age-period-cohort stochastic mortality models. This family of models encompasses many models proposed in the actuarial and demographic literature including the Lee-Carter model and the Cairns-Blake-Dowd model. It includes functions for fitting mortality models, analysing their goodness-of-fit and performing mortality projections and simulations.