RethinkDB is an open source noSQL database that stores JSON documents. This can be great for open ended data analytics. The company officially provides drivers for Ruby, Python and NodeJS and community supported drivers and ORMs are available in around a dozen languages. The production ready version 2.0 was released very recently on April 14, 2015 after 5 years of development. RethinkDB is a boon when it comes to writing real time applications. Traditionally applications had to poll data bases to get the updated data which made them slow and hard to maintain. RethinkDB’s architecture solves this problem by pushing the updated results of a query when they are available. Apart from solving real time data push problem RethinkDB offers many advantages such as:
• Its advanced query language, ReQL, supports table joins and subqueries. The monitoring api also integrates with the query language, this makes scaling distributed databases very easy.
• Unlike some previous noSQL systems RethinkDB never acknowledges a write until it’s safely written to the disk.
• Additionally, the database supports Mapreduce functionality out of the box & would not need an additional Hadoop type software to run the analysis.
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