Mango Solutions have developed a configurable software application to allow statisticians, programmers and analysts to centralise and manage the often-complex statistical knowledge (held in SAS, R, Matlab and other languages, documents, data, images etc). The application was designed to provide a centralised platform for analysts to store, share and reuse complex analytical IP in an approach which helps enforce business and coding standards and promote collaboration and continual improvement within teams. ModSpace has proved especially valuable for teams working in diverse geographic locations as it promotes increased interaction between sites and individuals. The easy to use tool contains intuitive searching capabilities, enabling analysts to re-use their code and reduce the duplication of effort. The system also supports quality assurance with the use of audit trails, version control and an archiving functionality, which allows valuable historic information to be accessed without interfering with day to day activities. The system can be configured for different coding style templates which promote standards and can identify current/legacy and customer specific standards. Managers are also able to take advantage of the powerful reporting environment which allows them to track usage within their teams, spot trends and identify areas of process improvement.
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