The ADS (which can be a distributed data store on a Cloud somewhere) supports the data requirements of statistical analysis. Here the data is organised, structured, integrated and enriched to meet the ongoing and occasionally volatile needs of the statisticians and data scientists focusing on data mining. Data in the ADS can be accumulative or completely refreshed. It can have a short life span or have a significantly long life-time. The ADS is the logistics centre for analytics data. Not only can it be used to provide data into the statistical analysis process, but it can also be used to provide persistent long term storage for analysis outcomes and scenarios, and for future analysis, hence the ability to ‘write back’. The data and information in the ADS may also be augmented with data derived from data stored in the data warehouse, it may also benefit from having its own dedicated Data Mart specifically designed for this purpose. Results of statistical analysis on the ADS data may also result in feedback being used to tune the data reduction, filtering and enrichment rules further downstream, either in smart data analytics, complex event and discrimination adapters or in ET(AL) job streams. … Analytics Data Store (ADS) google