Set Options if Unset (optifunset)
A single function ‘options.ifunset(…)’ is contained herewith, which allows the user to set a global option ONLY if it is not already set. By this token, for package maintainers this function can be used in preference to the standard ‘options(…)’ function, making provision for THEIR end user to place ‘options(…)’ directives within their ‘.Rprofile’ file, which will not be overridden at the point when a package is loaded.

Search and Download Papers from the bioRxiv Preprint Server (biorxivr)
The bioRxiv preprint server ( is a website where scientists can post preprints of scholarly texts in biology. Users can search and download PDFs in bulk from the preprint server. The text of abstracts are stored as raw text within R, and PDFs can easily be saved and imported for text mining with packages such as ‘tm’.

Functions for Performing Local FDR Estimation when Null and Alternative are Poisson (LocFDRPois)
The main idea of the Local FDR algorithm is to estimate both proportion of null observations and the ratio of null and alternative densities. In the case that there are many null observations, this can be done reliably, through maximum likelihood or generalized linear models. This package implements this in the case that the null and alternative densities are Poisson.