TSdbi: Time Series Database Interface (TSdbi)
Provides a common interface to time series databases. The objective is to define a standard interface so users can retrieve time series data from various sources with a simple, common, set of commands, and so programs can be written to be portable with respect to the data source. The SQL implementations also provide a database table design, so users needing to set up a time series database have a reasonably complete way to do this easily. The interface provides for a variety of options with respect to the representation of time series in R. The interface, and the SQL implementations, also handle vintages of time series data (sometime called editions or realtime data). There is also a (not yet well tested) mechanism to handle multilingual data documentation. Comprehensive examples of all the TS* packages is provided in the vignette Guide.pdf with the TSdata package.

R package for random circle packing (packcircles)
This package provides a simple algorithm to arrange circles of arbitrary radii within a rectangle such that there is no-overlap between circles. The algorithm is adapted from an example written in Processing by Sean McCullough (which no longer seems to be available online). It involves iterative pair-repulsion, in which overlapping circles move away from each other. The distance moved by each circle is proportional to the radius of the other to approximate inertia (very loosely), so that when a small circle is overlapped by a large circle, the small circle moves furthest. This process is repeated iteratively until no more movement takes place (acceptable layout) or a maximum number of iterations is reached (layout failure). To avoid edge effects, the bounding rectangle is treated as a toroid. Each circle’s centre is constrained to lie within the rectangle but its edges are allowed to extend outside.

Convert Data from and to ‘geoJSON’ or ‘topoJSON’ (geojsonio)
Convert data to ‘geoJSON’ or ‘topoJSON’ from various R classes, including vectors, lists, data frames, shape files, and spatial classes. ‘geojsonio’ does not aim to replace packages like ‘sp’, ‘rgdal’, ‘rgeos’, but rather aims to be a high level client to simplify conversions of data from and to ‘geoJSON’ and ‘topoJSON’.