Capture-Mark-Recapture Analysis using Multiple Non-Invasive Marks (multimark)
Capture-mark-recapture analysis with multiple non-invasive marks. The models implemented in ‘multimark’ combine encounter history data arising from two different non-invasive ‘marks’, such as images of left-sided and right-sided pelage patterns of bilaterally asymmetrical species, to estimate abundance and related demographic parameters while accounting for imperfect detection. Bayesian models are specified using simple formulae and fitted using Markov chain Monte Carlo.

R package to interrogate environments. (envestigate)
R package to interrogate environments. Scary, I know.

R plots styled with css (Rcssplot)
The Rcssplot package brings cascading style sheets to the R graphical environment. It provides a means to separate the aesthetics from data crunching in plots and charts.