Streaming analytics is anything but a sleepy, rearview mirror analysis of data. No, it is about knowing and acting on what’s happening in your business at this very moment – now. Forrester calls these perishable insights because they occur at a moment’s notice and you must act on them fast within a narrow window of opportunity before they quickly lose their value. The high velocity, white-water flow of data from innumerable real-time data sources such as market data, Internet of Things, mobile, sensors, clickstream, and even transactions remain largely unnavigated by most firms. The opportunity to leverage streaming analytics has never been greater. In Forrester’s 50-criteria evaluation of big data streaming analytics platforms, we evaluated seven platforms from IBM, Informatica, SAP, Software AG, SQLstream, Tibco Software, and Vitria. The Forrester Wave: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014