Partially Linear Additive Quantile Regression (plaqr)
Estimation, prediction, thresholding, and plotting for partially linear additive quantile regression. Intuitive functions for fitting and plotting partially linear additive quantile regression models. Uses and works with functions from the ‘quantreg’ package.

Portfolio Analysis, Including Numerical Methods for Optimization of Portfolios (PortfolioAnalytics)
Portfolio optimization and analysis routines and graphics.

R-Based Wikipedia Client (WikipediaR)
Provides an interface to the Wikipedia web application programming interface (API), using internet connection. Three functions provide details for a specific Wikipedia page: all links that are present, all pages that link to, all the contributions (revisions for main pages, and discussions for talk pages). Two functions provide details for a specific user: all contributions, and general information (as name, gender, rights or groups). It provides additional information compared to others packages, as ‘WikipediR’. It does not need login. The multiplex network that can be constructed from the results of the functions of ‘WikipediaR’ can be modeled as Stochastic Block Model as in Barbillon P., Donnet, S., Lazega E., and Bar-Hen A.: “Stochastic Block Models for Multiplex networks: an application to networks of researchers”, ArXiv 1501.06444, http://…/1501.06444.