RcmdrPlugin Easy Script Templates (REST)
Contains easy scripts which can be used to quickly create GUI windows for ‘Rcmdr’ Plugins. No knowledge about Tcl/Tk is required to make use of these scripts (These scripts are a generalisation of the template scripts in the ‘RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI’ package).

Robust Estimation of Gaussian Mixture Models (qclust)
Robust estimation of Gaussian mixture models fitted by modified EM algorithm, robust clustering and classification.

R frontend for Spark (SparkR)
SparkR is an R package that provides a light-weight frontend to use Spark from R.
NOTE: As of April 2015, SparkR has been merged into Apache Spark and is shipping in an upcoming release (1.4) due early summer 2015. This repo currently targets users using released versions of Spark. This repo no longer accepts new pull requests, and they should now be submitted to apache/spark.