Component Models for Multi-Way Data (multiway)
Fits multi-way component models via alternating least squares algorithms with optional constraints (orthogonality and non-negativity). Fit models include Individual Differences Scaling, Parallel Factor Analysis (1 and 2), Simultaneous Component Analysis, and Tucker Factor Analysis.

Programmatic Interface to the Dropbox API (rdrop2)
Provides full programmatic access to the Dropbox file hosting platform (, including support for all standard file operations.

An Extension to ‘ggplot2’, for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams (ggtern)
Extends the functionality of ggplot2, providing the capability to plot ternary diagrams for (subset of) the ggplot2 geometries. Additionally, ggtern has implemented several NEW geometries which are unavailable to the standard ggplot2 release. For further examples and documentation, please proceed to the ggtern website.