Wald’s Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT)
Perform Wald’s Sequential Probability Ratio Test on variables with a Normal, Bernoulli, Exponential and Poisson distribution. Plot acceptance and continuation regions, or create your own with the help of closures.

Interface to http://www.geonames.org web service (geonames)
Code for querying the web service at http://www.geonames.org

Various Options and Add-ins for Lattice (loa)
This package, Lattice Options and Add-ins (or loa), contains various plots and functions that make use of the lattice/trellis plotting framework. The plots (which include loaPlot, GoogleMap and trianglePlot) use panelPal, a function that extends lattice and hexbin package methods to automate plot subscripting and panel-to-panel and panel-to key synchronization/management. See ?loa for further details.