Bent-Cable Regression for Independent Data or Autoregressive Time Series (bentcableAR)
Included are two main interfaces for fitting and diagnosing bent-cable regressions for autoregressive time-series data or independent data (time series or otherwise): ‘’ and ‘’. Some components in the package can also be used as stand-alone functions. The bent cable (linear-quadratic-linear) generalizes the broken stick (linear-linear), which is also handled by this package. Version 0.2 corrects a glitch in the computation of confidence intervals for the CTP. References that were updated from Versions 0.2.1 and 0.2.2 appear in Version 0.2.3 and up. Version 0.3.0 improves robustness of the error-message producing mechanism. It is the author’s intention to distribute any future updates via GitHub.

A sparkline htmlwidget for R using jQuery Sparklines (sparklines)
sparklines: an htmlwidget for R. This sparkline htmlwidget is based on the nifty jQuery Sparklines. htmlwidgets for R has made it extremely easy to integrate, access and use html widgets from R.

Multivariate Meshes and Histograms in Arbitrary Dimensions (mvmesh)
Define, manipulate and plot meshes on simplices, spheres, balls, and rectangles for use in multivariate statistics. Directional and other multivariate histograms are provided.