Having the right algorithm is a first big step to get advanced analytics solve your problem and inform your decisions. The next one is to have the algorithm work for you and integrate it in your workflows and business processes. The R Service Bus is a swiss army knife that allows you to plug R into your processes independently of the technology used by other software applications involved in the workflow. The prime objective of the R Service Bus is to smoothly integrate into your existing infrastructure and it therefore supports communication using a plethora of protocols such as
• SOAP and RESTful web services
• various e-mail protocols
• folder monitoring, (s)ftp
• messaging protocols such a JMS or STOMP
• …
The R Service Bus is based on mature open source projects and was developed to maximize reliability, flexibility, high availability and scalability of R-based analytics applications. It is in use at major pharmaceutical and financial institutions to power business-critical modeling activities. The R Service Bus is open source and freely available from our downloads page. The R Service Bus has also been packaged for all current versions of Debian/Ubuntu and is available from our repository. …
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