Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of hype around Big Data – data that doesn’t work well in traditional BI systems and warehouses because of its volume, its variety, and the velocity at which it is acquired and changed. Is the hype justified? Lavastorm Analytics believes it is. Often Big Data has been talked about as a “problem” because it couldn’t be easily processed with traditional systems based on relational databases, but it really is a tremendous opportunity to enhance and even transform how you run your business. The value of Big Data can be significant. It can lead to innovations, such as new pricing models, new ways to engage with your customers and partners, new product ideas, or new market opportunities. For example, at a recent conference, one large financial institution estimated that Big Data could help them reduce by 30- 65% the time to market and cost of their strategic innovation projects. … The Top Challenges in Big Data and Analytics