PageRank explained in simple terms!
In this article, we will discuss the concept of PageRank. In the next article, we will take this algorithm a step forward by leveraging it to find the most important packages in R.

Framework to build a niche dictionary for text mining
Dictionary for text mining can be compared to maps while travelling in a new city. The more precise and accurate maps you use, the faster you reach to the destination. On the other hand, a wrong or incomplete map can end up confusing the traveler.

Using RANSAC for Robust Regression
In this post, I would like to touch the surface of outlier detection and removal by introducing Random Sample Consensus. RANSAC is a a non-deterministic iterative algorithm that estimates the parameter of a (supervised) machine learning algorithm from a dataset that contains outliers. For that, RANSAC divides the points in the dataset into two subsets: 1- outlier 2- inlier. Then it uses the inliers to create the ML model.

A Couple of Handy ggplot Tricks – Using Environmental Variables and Saving Charts
A couple of handy tricks when working with ggplot that had escaped my radar until today.