Data Tools (crunch)
The service ( provides a cloud-based data store and analytic engine, as well as an intuitive web interface. Using this package, analysts can interact with and manipulate Crunch datasets from within R. Importantly, this allows technical researchers to collaborate naturally with team members, managers, and clients who prefer a point-and-click interface.

Reliable Comparison of Floating Point Numbers (fpCompare)
Comparisons of floating point numbers are problematic due to errors associated with the binary representation of decimal numbers. Despite being aware of these problems, people still use numerical methods that fail to account for these and other rounding errors (this pitfall is the first to be highlighted in Circle 1 of Burns (2012) ( This package provides four new relational operators useful for performing floating point number comparisons with a set tolerance.

Three-Stage Least Squares Estimation for Systems of Simultaneous Equations (thsls)
Fit the Simultaneous Systems of Linear Equations using Three-stage Least Squares.