Stochastic Augmentation of Matched Data Using Restriction Methods (SAMUR)
Augmenting a matched data set by generating multiple stochastic, matched samples from the data using a multi-dimensional histogram constructed from dropping the input matched data into a multi-dimensional grid built on the full data set. The resulting stochastic, matched sets will likely provide a collectively higher coverage of the full data set compared to the single matched set. Each stochastic match is without duplication, thus allowing downstream validation techniques such as cross-validation to be applied to each set without concern for overfitting.

Collection of Functions and Layers to Enhance ggplot2 (ggExtra)
Collection of functions and layers to enhance ggplot2.

Repeated Function Evaluation for Sensitivity Analysis (reval)
Simplified scenario testing and sensitivity analysis with R via a generalized function for one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) sensitivity analysis, evaluation of parameter sets and (sampled) parameter permutations. Options for formatting output and parallel processing are also provided.