Make R Objects Searchable by Matching Names Based on Case (in)Sensitivity, Regular Expressions, .. (searchable)
Provides functionality for searching named vectors and lists more configurable. The packages uses ‘stringr’-style match modifiers to allow for matching by case (in)sensitivity, regular expressions or fixed expression. It also allows searching through values rather than names. This functionality facilitates creating dictionary and thesaurus like structures.

K-Means with Simultaneous Outlier Detection (kmodR)
An implementation of the ‘k-means-‘ algorithm proposed by Chawla and Gionis, 2013 in their paper, ‘k-means- : A unified approach to clustering and outlier detection. SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM13)’, and using ‘ordering’ described by Howe, 2013 in the thesis, ‘Clustering and anomaly detection in tropical cyclones’. Useful for creating (potentially) tighter clusters than standard k-means and simultaneously finding outliers inexpensively in multidimensional space.

Holonomic Gradient Method and Gradient Descent (hgm)
The holonomic gradient method (HGM, hgm) gives a way to evaluate normalization constants of unnormalized probability distributions by utilizing holonomic systems of differential or difference equations. The holonomic gradient descent (HGD, hgd) gives a method to find maximal likelihood estimates by utilizing the HGM.