Tabular Reporting Functions (rtable)
Provides tabular reporting functionalities to work with ‘ReporteRs’ package: ‘as.FlexTable’ methods are available for ‘ftable’ and ‘xtable’ objects, function ‘FlexPivot’ is producing a pivot table and ‘freqtable’ a percentage table, a ‘knitr’ print method and a ‘shiny’ render function are provided for ‘FlexTable’ objects.

Non-Parametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Categorical Data (NPBayesImpute)
These routines create multiple imputations of missing at random categorical data, with or without structural zeros. Imputations are based on Dirichlet process mixtures of multinomial distributions, which is a non-parametric Bayesian modeling approach that allows for flexible joint modeling.

Additional Matrix Functionality (ramify)
Additional matrix functionality for R. Includes a wrapper to the base matrix function that extends its functionality by allowing matrices to be created from character strings and lists. A number of convenience functions have also been added for users more familiar with other scientific languages like Julia, MATLAB/Octave, or Python.