Batch Computing with R (BatchJobs)
Provides Map, Reduce and Filter variants to generate jobs on batch computing systems like PBS/Torque, LSF, SLURM and Sun Grid Engine. Multicore and SSH systems are also supported. For further details see the project web page.

Statistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters (BatchExperiments)
Extends the BatchJobs package to run statistical experiments on batch computing clusters. For further details see the project web page.

Access to LinkedIn API via R (Rlinkedin)
This is a development version of an R package to access the LinkedIn API. I was motivated to create this after using and contributing to Pablo Barberá’s awesome Rfacebook package. Contributions are welcomed, and if you come across any errors please don’t hesitate to open a new issue. At the bottom of this readme is a list of the functions I would still like to add to the package. If you’d like to contribute or simply learn more about accessing the API, get started by visiting the LinkedIn Developer page.