Regularized Cox Model (Coxnet)
Cox model regularized with net (L1 and Laplacian), elastic-net (L1 and L2) or lasso (L1) penalty. In addition, it efficiently solves an approximate L0 variable selection based on truncated likelihood function. Moreover, it can also handle the adaptive version of these regularization forms, such as adaptive lasso and net adjusting for signs of linked coefficients. The package uses one-step coordinate descent algorithm and runs extremely fast by taking into account the sparsity structure of coefficients.

Statistical Tools for Social Network Analysis (staTools)
A collection of statistical tools for social network analysis, with strong emphasis on the analysis of discrete powerlaw distributions and statistical hypothesis tests.

Tools for Exploring Differential Shannon Entropy, Differential Coefficient of Variation and Differential Expression (EntropyExplorer)
Rows of two matrices are compared for Shannon entropy, coefficient of variation, and expression. P-values can be requested for all metrics.