Organizations use analytics to empower decision making, often in real time. That means the ability to easily embed and share the results of R analytics within existing web, desktop, and mobile applications, plus backend systems, is vital. As important as real-time delivery of analytics is to this process, users also need to consider security in terms of identity and data integrity, and scale in terms of workload and throughput. DeployR from Revolution Analytics delivers the power and flexibility of R securely and at scale to all of your decision-making systems. DeployR is an integration technology for deploying R analytics inside web, desktop, mobile, and dashboard applications, as well as backend systems. DeployR turns your R scripts into analytics web services, so R code can be easily executed by applications running on a secure server. Using analytics web services, DeployR also solves key integration problems faced by those adopting R-based analytics alongside existing IT infrastructure. These services make it easy for application developers to collaborate with R programmers to integrate R analytics into their applications without any R programming knowledge. DeployR is available in two editions: DeployR Open and DeployR Enterprise. DeployR Open is a free, open source solution that is ideal for prototyping, building, and deploying non-critical business applications. DeployR Enterprise scales for business-critical applications and offers support for production-grade workloads, as well as seamless integration with popular enterprise security solutions such as single sign-on (SSO), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Active Directory, or Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM). Using DeployR to Solve the R Integration Problem