Visualization Tools for Genealogical Data (ggenealogy)
Methods for searching through genealogical data and displaying the results. Plotting algorithms assist with data exploration and publication-quality image generation. Uses the Grammar of Graphics.

Bootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines (bootnet)
Bootstrap standard errors on various network estimation routines, such as EBICglasso from the qgraph package and IsingFit from the IsingFit package.

An Interface to Schedule R Scripts (scheduleR)
scheduleR is a framework that can be used to deploy R tasks, reports and apps.
• Tasks are ‘regular’ R scripts that you want to schedule to be executed on a regular basis (often ETL related scripts).
• Reports are Rmarkdown (.Rmd) reports that can be converted to a PDF or HTML. See rmarkdown for more info.
• Apps are Shiny apps, support for these in scheduleR is experimental.
An easy web interface for scheduling is provided for adding tasks, maintenance and viewing logs. scheduleR provides extensive logging support and error/success notifications. scheduleR is built to be used on a server. It can be used locally but that mean that you have to keep a mongodb server and scheduleR running at all times.