Perform Factorial Analysis from FactoMineR with a Shiny Application (Factoshiny)
Perform factorial analysis with a menu and draw graphs interactively thanks to FactoMineR and a Shiny application.

Various Similarity and Distance Metrics for Marked Point Processes (mmpp)
Compute similarities and distances between marked point processes.

Fast Pseudo Observations (fastpseudo)
Computes pseudo-observations for survival analysis on right-censored data based on restricted mean survival time.

R Interface to Pullword Service (pullword)
R interface to pullword service for Natural Language Processing in Chinese. It enables users to extract valuable words from text by deep learning models. For more details please visit the official site (in Chinese)

Extracts Sentiment and Sentiment-Derived Plot Arcs from Text (syuzhet)
Extracts sentiment and sentiment-derived plot arcs from text using three sentiment dictionaries conveniently packaged for consumption by R users. Implemented dictionaries include “afinn” developed by Finn Arup Nielsen, “bing” developed by Minqing Hu and Bing Liu, and “nrc” developed by Mohammad, Saif M. and Turney, Peter D. Applicable references are available in and in the documentation for the “get_sentiment” function. The package also provides a method for implementing Stanford’s coreNLP sentiment parser. The package provides several methods for plot arc normalization.

Rcpp Interface to the APT Package Manager (RcppAPT)
Debian and its derivatives like Ubuntu utilize a powerful package managing backend / frontend combination in APT (A Packaging Tool). Accessible at the command-line via front-ends apt , apt-get , apt-cache , … as well as numerous GUI variants, it is implemented using a library libapt-pkg . This small package provides R with access to this library via Rcpp.