Tools for Working with JavaScript in R (js)
A set of utility functions for working with JavaScript in R. It currently includes functions to validate, reformat, optimize and analyze JavaScript code.

Numerical Formal Concept Analysis for Systematic Clustering (nFCA)
Numerical Formal Concept Analysis (nFCA) is a modern unsupervised learning tool for analyzing general numerical data. Given input data, this R package nFCA outputs two nFCA graphs: a H-graph and an I-graph that reveal systematic, hierarchical clustering and inherent structure of the data.

Package Management Tool (pacman)
Tools to more conveniently perform tasks associated with add on packages. pacman conveniently wraps library and package related functions and names them in an intuitive and consistent fashion. It seeks to combine functionality from lower level functions which can speed up workflow.

Parse Argument Options (minimist)
A binding to the minimist JavaScript library. This module implements the guts of optimist’s argument parser without all the fanciful decoration.

Optimal Binning for Scoring Modeling (smbinning)
In its core, smbinning categorizes a numeric variable into buckets for ulterior usage in scoring modeling. Its purpose is to automate, as much as possible, the time consuming process of generating predictive characteristics, and also document SQL codes, tables and plots used during the development stage.

An R htmlwidget for creating streamgraph visualizations (streamgraph)
A streamgraph (or “stream graph”) is a type of stacked area graph which is displaced around a central axis, resulting in a flowing, organic shape. Streamgraphs were developed by Lee Byron and popularized by their use in a February 2008 New York Times article on movie box office revenues.