Extra functions for use with the BayesFactor R package (BayesFactorExtras)
BayesFactorExtras is an R package which contains extra features related to the BayesFactor package, such as plots and analysis reports.

Robust Selection of Cluster Number K (COMMUNAL)
Facilitates optimal clustering of a data set. Provides a framework to run a wide range of clustering algorithms to determine the optimal number (k) of clusters in the data. Then analyzes the cluster assignments from each clustering algorithm to identify samples that repeatedly classify to the same group. We call these ‘core clusters’, providing a basis for later class discovery.

Robust Fitting of Linear Model (rlm)
Robust fitting of linear model which can take response in matrix form.

Bayesian Sparse Group Selection (BSGS)
The integration of Bayesian variable and sparse group variable selection approaches for regression models.

Fast k-Nearest Neighbors (FastKNN)
Compute labels for a test set according to the k-Nearest Neighbors classification. This is a fast way to do k-Nearest Neighbors classification because the distance matrix -between the features of the observations- is an input to the function rather than being calculated in the function itself every time.

jsTree Bindings for Shiny (shinyTree)
Exposes bindings to jsTree – a JavaScript library that supports interactive trees – to enable a rich, editable trees in Shiny.