Principal Axes Methods for Contingency Tables with Partition Structures on Rows and Columns (pamctdp)
Correspondence Analysis of Contingency Tables with Simple and Double Structures Superimposed Representations, Intra Blocks Correspondence Analysis (IBCA), Weighted Intra Blocks Correspondence Analysis (WIBCA).

Drat R Archive Template (drat)
Creation and Use of R Repositories via two helper functions to insert packages into a repository, and to add repository information to the current R session. Two primary types of repositories are support: gh-pages at GitHub, as well as local repositories on either the same machine or a local network. Drat is a recursive acronym which stands for Drat R Archive Template.

CLUster Evaluation (CLUE) (ClueR)
CLUE is an R package for identifying optimal number of clusters in a given time-course dataset clustered by c-means or k-means algorithms.

Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science (sjPlot)
Collection of several plotting and table output functions for visualizing data, and utility functions.

Trajectory Similarity Measures (SimilarityMeasures)
Functions to run and assist four different similarity measures. The similarity measures included are: longest common subsequence (LCSS), Frechet distance, edit distance and dynamic time warping (DTW). Each of these similarity measures can be calculated from two n-dimensional trajectories, both in matrix form.

Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCMapper)
Provides several functions to create and manipulate fuzzy cognitive maps. It is based on FCMapper for Excel, distributed at, developed by Michael Bachhofer and Martin Wildenberg. Maps are inputted as adjacency matrices. Attributes of the maps and the equilibrium values of the concepts (including with user-defined constrained values) can be calculated. The maps can be graphed with a function that calls “igraph”. Multiple maps with shared concepts can be aggregated.