Roughened Random Forests for Binary Classification (roughrf)
A set of functions to support Xiong K, ‘Roughened Random Forests for Binary Classification’ (2014). The functions include RRFA, RRFB, RRFC1-RRFC7, RRFD and RRFE. RRFB and RRFC6 are usually recommended. RRFB is much faster than RRFC6.

Partial Autoregression (partialAR)
Fits time series models which consist of a sum of a permanent and a transient component.

Point Process Models with LASSO Penalties (ppmlasso)
Toolkit for fitting point process models with sequences of LASSO penalties (“regularisation paths”). Regularisation paths of Poisson point process models or area-interaction models can be fitted with LASSO, adaptive LASSO or elastic net penalties. A number of criteria are available to judge the bias-variance tradeoff.

Estimability Tools for Linear Models (estimability)
Provides tools for determining estimability of linear functions of regression coefficients, and alternative epredict methods for lm, glm, and mlm objects that handle non-estimable cases correctly.

Rcpp Integration of the Streamulus DSEL for Stream Processing (RcppStreams)
The Streamulus (template, header-only) library by Irit Katriel (at provides a very powerful yet convenient framework for stream processing. This package connects Streamulus to R by providing both the header files and all examples.

An R Interface to Leaflet Maps (leaflet)
Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps. This R package makes it easy to create Leaflet maps from R.