R interface to LTP-Cloud service (rLTP)
R interface to LTP-Cloud service for Natural Language Processing in Chinese. For more details please visit http://www.ltp-cloud.com/. Visit https://github.com/hetong007/rLTP for up-to-date version

Hierarchical Clustering with Prototypes (protoclust)
Performs minimax linkage hierarchical clustering. Every cluster has an associated prototype element that represents that cluster as described in Bien, J., and Tibshirani, R. (2011), “Hierarchical Clustering with Prototypes via Minimax Linkage,” accepted for publication in The Journal of the American Statistical Association, DOI: 10.1198/jasa.2011.tm10183.

C++ Classes to Embed R in C++ Applications (RInside)
C++ classes to embed R in C++ applications The RInside packages makes it easier to have ‘R inside’ your C++ application by providing a C++ wrapper class providing the R interpreter. As R itself is embedded into your application, a shared library build of R is required. This works on Linux, OS X and even on Windows provided you use the same tools used to build R itself. Numerous examples are provided in the eight subdirectories of the examples/ directory of the installed package: standard, mpi (for parallel computing) qt (showing how to embed RInside inside a Qt GUI application), wt (showing how to build a ‘web-application’ using the Wt toolkit), armadillo (for RInside use with RcppArmadillo) and eigen (for RInside use with RcppEigen). The example use GNUmakefile(s) with GNU extensions, so a GNU make is required (and will use the GNUmakefile automatically). Doxygen-generated documentation of the C++ classes is available at the RInside website as well.

R package for accessing .NET (rClr)
An R package to inter-operate with arbitrary .NET code (Microsoft .NET and Mono).

Efficient Discrete Stochastic Simulation (StochKit2R)
Efficient discrete stochastic simulation using the Gillespie algorithm (aka the Stochastic Simulation Algorithm or SSA) and adaptive tau-leaping. It provides an R interface to simulation algorithms and it provides functions for visualizing (plotting) simulation output.

EMF Graphics Output Device (devEMF)
Output graphics to EMF (enhanced metafile).