Arfima-MLM Estimation For Repeated Cross-Sectional Data (ArfimaMLM)
Functions to facilitate the estimation of Arfima-MLM models for repeated cross-sectional data and pooled cross-sectional time-series data (see Lebo and Weber 2015). The estimation procedure uses double filtering with Arfima methods to account for autocorrelation in repeated cross-sectional data followed by multilevel modeling (MLM) to estimate aggregate as well as individual-level parameters simultaneously.

Build Regular Expressions in a Human Readable Way (rebus)
Build regular expressions piece by piece using human readable code.

Implements the Component Lasso Method Functions (compLasso)
Implements the Component lasso method for linear regression using the sample covariance matrix connected-components structure, described in A Component Lasso, by Hussami and Tibshirani (2013)

Nonparametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data (ecp)
Implements hierarchical procedures to find multiple change-points through the use of U-statistics. The procedures do not make any distributional assumptions other than the existence of certain absolute moments. Both agglomerative and divisive procedures are included. These methods return the set of estimated change-points as well as other summary information.

Bootstrap 2 web components for use with Shiny (shinybootstrap2)
Provides Bootstrap 2 web components for use with the Shiny package. With versions of Shiny prior to 0.11, these Bootstrap 2 components were included as part of the package. Later versions of Shiny include Bootstrap 3, so the Bootstrap 2 components have been moved into this package for those uses who rely on features specific to Bootstrap 2.

Latent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data (lba)
Latent budget analysis is a method for the analysis of a two-way contingency table with an exploratory variable and a response variable. It is specially designed for compositional data.