Path Manipulation Utilities (pathological)
Utilities for paths, files and directories.

A phylogenetic tree viewer for different types of tree annotations (ggtree)
ggtree extends the ggplot2 plotting system which implemented the grammar of graphics. ggtree is designed for visualizing phylogenetic tree and different types of associated annotation data.

Data Warehouse related functions (dwtools)
Handy wrappers for extraction, loading, denormalization, normalization. Additionally data.table Nth key feature, timing+logging and more.

Business Intelligence shinyApp (shinyBI)
shinyBI is R package which delivers simple Business Intelligence platform as shiny application. User can load own dataset, perform pivot process utilizing the performance of data.table , plot a chart on pivot results utilizing interactivity of rCharts .

Conformal Prediction for Regression and Classification (conformal)
Implementation of conformal prediction using caret models for classification and regression

Generalized additive mixed model analysis via slice sampling (gammSlice)
Uses a slice sampling-based Markov chain Monte Carlo to conduct Bayesian fitting and inference for generalized additive mixed models (GAMM). Generalized linear mixed models and generalized additive models are also handled as special cases of GAMM.