Using Dempster-Shafer Theory (dst)
This package allows you to make basic probability assignments on a set of possibilities (events) and combine these events with Dempster’s rule of combination.

An Interface to Google’s BigQuery API (bigrquery)
Easily talk to Google’s BigQuery database from R.

Assemble Data Frames from HTML Tables (htmltab)
htmltab is a package for extracting structured information from HTML tables. It is similar to readHTMLTable() of the XML package but provides two major advantages. First, the package automatically expands row and column spans in the header and body cells. Second, users are given more control over the identification of header and body rows which will end up in the R table. Additionally, the function preprocesses table code, removes unneeded parts and so helps to alleviate the need for tedious post-processing.

A Bayesian Nonparametric Algorithm for Time Series Clustering (BNPTSclust)
Performs the algorithm for time series clustering described in Nieto-Barajas and Contreras-Cristan (2014).

Standardized Beta Coefficients (betas)
Computes standardized beta coefficients and corresponding standard errors for the following models: – linear regression models with numerical covariates only – linear regression models with numerical and factorial covariates – weighted linear regression models – robust linear regression models with numerical covariates only.

Linguistic Fuzzy Logic (lfl)
Various algorithms related to linguistic fuzzy logic: mining for linguistic fuzzy association rules, performing perception-based logical deduction (PbLD), and forecasting time-series using fuzzy rule-based ensemble (FRBE).