Making the Business Case for Text Analytics
The key to making a business case for any Analytics initiative, not just text analytics, is to identify specific business problems and pain points and use analytics to address them, instead of merely seeking insights.

Building a Business Case for Text Analytics
You’ve got a good sense of the value that text analytics offers your organization, but the C-suite may not see it your way. What does it take to make a persuasive business case that hits home with decision makers?

R: Principal Component Analysis on Imaging
Ever wonder what’s the mathematics behind face recognition on most gadgets like digital camera and smartphones? Well for most part it has something to do with statistics. One statistical tool that is capable of doing such feature is the Principal Component Analysis (PCA). In this post, however, we will not do (sorry to disappoint you) face recognition as we reserve this for future post while I’m still doing research on it. Instead, we go through its basic concept and use it for data reduction on spectral bands of the image using R.

Financial Charts | Pan and Zoom
The htmlwidget for Week 2 over at Building Widgets claims to add pan and zoom interactivity to almost all R charts. Since their were no tests on financial charts, I thought I would try it out on a couple. It really does work.