3D Animated Interactive Visualizations using SVG (svgViewR)
Creates 3D animated, interactive visualizations in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format that can be viewed in a web browser.

Data Generator based on Bayesian Network Model (BNDataGenerator)
Data generator based on Bayesian network model

Advanced Forest Plot Using ‘grid’ Graphics (forestplot)
The plot allows for multiple confidence intervals per row, custom fonts for each text element, custom confidence intervals, text mixed with expressions, and more. The aim is to extend the use of forest plots beyond meta-analyses. This is a more general version of the original ‘rmeta’ package’s forestplot function and relies heavily on the ‘grid’ package.

Cores of Recurrent Events (CORE)
given a collection of intervals with integer start and end positions, find recurrently targeted regions and estimate the significance of finding. Randomization is implemented by parallel methods, either using local host machines, or submitting grid engine jobs.

Tree Branches Evaluated Statistically for Tightness (TBEST)
Our method introduces mathematically well-defined measures for tightness of branches in a hierarchical tree. Statistical significance of the findings is determined, for all branches of the tree, by performing permutation tests, optionally with generalized Pareto p-value estimation.

Bayesian Network Feature Finder (BANFF)
Provides efficient Bayesian nonparametric models for network feature selection