Bigdata and Website Analysis
Why use big data tools to analyse web analytics data? Because, Web event data is incredibly valuable. It tells us how our customers actually behave (in lots of detail), and how that varies. We can also do analysis between different customers or for the same customers over time. It gives insights on how customer behaviour on our website that drives value. It tells us how customers engage with us via our website / webapp.

The leaflet package for online mapping in R
In this tutorial we use the new RStudio-supported leaflet R package.

Reproducibility with Revolution R Open and the checkpoint package
Thanks to everyone at the Chicago R User Group for giving me such a warm welcome for my presentation last night. In my talk, I gave an introduction to Revolution R Open, with a focus on how the checkpoint package makes sharing R code in a reproducible way easy:

Can Artificial Intelligence exist without data?
AI seems to have finally found its sea legs after several false starts. Of its four general areas of research (systems that think like humans, act like humans, think rationally or act rationally), systems that act rationally (or rational agents) is dominating AI research. A key component to the design and operation of rational agents is data though the importance of big data to the effective design and operation of a rational agent is not discussed at length or addressed explicitly.

R Spatial Representation
Spatial Visualization Using R: One of the less understood aspects of R is in spatial data visualization. The below article will outline two case studies on using R to spatially visualize data.

4 Questions to Consider When Making Your Next Analytics Hire
Question 1: What state is your data in today?
Question 2: How precise do you need to be?
Question 3: Can an engineer do the analyst’s job?
Question 4: What’s going on in the rest of your company?

Some 3D Graphics (rgl) for Classification with Splines and Logistic Regression (from The Elements of Statistical Learning)
3D representation of Bayes decision boundary