HTML Widgets for R (htmlwidgets)
A framework for creating HTML widgets that render in various contexts including the R console, R Markdown documents, and Shiny web applications.

Binary and Multiclass Boosting Algorithms (maboost)
Performs binary and multiclass boosting in maximum-margin, sparse, smooth and normal settings as described in “A Boosting Framework on Grounds of Online Learning” by T. Naghibi and B. Pfister, (2014). For further information regarding the algorithms, please refer to

Lucid Printing of Floating Point Numbers (lucid)
Print vectors (and data frames) of floating point numbers using a non-scientific format optimized for human readers. Vectors of numbers are rounded using significant digits, aligned at the decimal point, and all zeros trailing the decimal point are dropped.

Knowledge discovery by accuracy maximization (KODAMA)
KODAMA (KnOwledge Discovery by Accuracy MAximization) is an unsupervised and semisupervised learning algorithm that performs feature extraction from noisy and high-dimensional data.

Item Response Theory via Shiny (IRTShiny)
Interactive shiny application for running Item Response Theory analysis.

Redraw Base Graphics Using grid Graphics (gridGraphics)
Functions to convert a page of plots drawn with the graphics package into identical output drawn with the grid package. The result looks like the original graphics-based plot, but consists of grid grobs and viewports that can then be manipulated with grid functions (e.g., edit grobs and revisit viewports).