Organizations continue to invest more in analytics, but increasingly there is recognition that a shortage of analytic talent is holding back even greater investment. Lavastorm Analytics polled more than 425 people in the analytics community about whether their organization needs more analytic resources or skills and which skills are valued most and are most urgently needed. Survey respondents included business analysts, technologists, data analytics professionals, managers, and C-level executives across a broad variety of industries. The top findings were:
– According to the survey respondents, a lack of skills/training/education is the biggest factor holding back organizations from using analytics more.
– Skills most urgently needed in their organizations are Statistics, math or other quantitative skills; Analytic tool training; and Critical thinking.
– Lack of funding or resources, however, also has a significant impact on adoption of analytics to drive day-to-day decisions. Lesser factors also include inadequate support from executives and data that is not integrated.
Analytical Skills, Tools & Attitudes 2013: Analytics capabilities needed now and in the future