“Ensemble methods have been around for some time. Recently, however, their popularity has been increasing even further. In my opinion, this isn’t just because ensemble methods work, but also is the result of a few other trends coming together.
1. The capture and standardization of data is much more mature today, which makes it easier to get the data necessary for an analysis together. This, in turn, allows more time for analysis.
2. A broad array of complex algorithms is now available and accessible. It is entirely possible for an organization to have many strong algorithms at its fingertips.
3. The amount of processing power available at a cheap cost means that we no longer have to be stingy with our work. We can afford to execute many iterations of multiple algorithms today without costs spinning out of control.
4. Software tools are starting to build ensemble capabilities in which makes it very easy to request and execute an ensemble process. Your organization should consider taking advantage of the “wisdom of the crowd” phenomenon and move into ensemble methods in 2015.”
Bill Franks ( January 9, 2015 )