“Data Analytics & R” – Blog is setup and running. The link to the blog is
http://advanceddataanalytics.net/ “.

For the name I decided to use “Data Analytics & R”, due to a community I am also running having the same title and because I will mainly talk about “Data Analytics” and: “R”, because R is a good choice to start and to get informed about the latest publications and to have a first look at the related algorithms and run them on your own data. You can treat “Data Analytics” as an abbreviation for “Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, Statistics, Analytics Modeling, Business Analytics, Knowledge Discovery (KDD), Soft Computing, Data Aggregation, Econometrics, Visualization & related Programming“. This means: Everything needed to derive something out of your data, with whatever tool or programming language necessary or appropriate to achieve this.

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P.S. Let me apologize here in the beginning for my english. It is not as good as it should be.